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Sean Kendall - 2014


Photo by Tom Smart

Sean Kendall - 2018


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United States Supreme Court – Petition for Writ of Certiorari

Federal District Court Action – Case No. 2:15-CV-00862

Federal Appeal – Case No. 17-4039



04/11/18 – Court upholds ruling that officer was justified when he shot dog in backyard
04/10/18 – Federal appeals court declines to reconsider earlier ruling that police shooting of Geist the dog in Utah yard was justified (PDF here)
03/14/18 – Appeals court says police officer was justified in shooting Geist the dog in a Utah backyard (PDF here)
09/26/17 – Report: Salt Lake City police can build public trust through better training and accountability (PDF here)
07/21/17 – Utah high court spikes suit from the owner of Geist, a dog shot by an officer in 2014 (PDF here)
02/08/17 – Utah judge weighing issues in lawsuit against officer who shot Geist the dog (PDF here)
02/01/17 – Judge rejects request to throw out lawsuit over Geist the dog’s shooting (PDF here)
03/14/16 – City Council eyes changes at civilian review board in wake of police shootings (PDF here)
10/20/15 – Geist’s owner sues, seeks $2M from Salt Lake City over shooting of dog by police officer (PDF here)
06/25/15 – Utah man faces financial hurdle to sue the officer who shot his dog, Geist (PDF here)
06/12/15 – Burbank’s time as police chief: drug sweeps, shootings and diplomacy with protesters (PDF here)
10/26/14 – Utah rally: End police shootings of dogs (PDF here)
08/13/14 – Utahns upset over cop shooting dog make emotional appeals to Salt Lake City Council (PDF here)
08/01/14 – Salt Lake City police department clears officer who shot dog (PDF here)
06/29/14 – Owner of dog shot by Utah police turns down $10,000 offer (PDF here)
06/24/14 – Salt Lake man wants police officer who killed his dog fired (PDF here)



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03/14/18 – Justice for Geist – Facebook
03/14/18 – Appeals Court: Officer Justified in Shooting Dog in Utah (PDF here) – US News
07/22/17 – Utah High Court OKs Dismissal of Lawsuit Over Dog Shooting (PDF here) – US News
04/18/17 – Man Challenges Lawsuit Fee Requirement After Police Kill Dog (PDF here) – US News
02/01/17 – Lawsuit over dog shot by Salt Lake police to move forward (PDF here) – AP News
02/01/17 – Judge allows $2 million lawsuit against SLC police for Geist the dog to continue (PDF here) – KUTV
12/18/15 – Geist Follow-up (PDF here) – Utah Stories
11/13/15 – Police can shoot your dog for no reason. It doesn’t have to be that way. (PDF here) – The Washington Post
11/10/15 – Salt Lake City cop shoots dog dead in back yard; Owner wants $1.5 million (PDF here) – Crime Watch Daily
10/20/15 – Utah man whose dog was shot dead by police in backyard files $2M lawsuit (PDF here) – NY Daily News
04/27/15 – Dogs That Cops Killed (PDF here) – Dog Murderers
12/19/14 – Owner whose dog was killed by police wants $1.5MILLION in damages (PDF here) – Daily Mail
10/16/14 – Dog Fatality Follow-Up: Police Are Haunted by Geist (PDF here) – Utah Stories
08/01/14 – Review Board Clears Officer in Dog Shooting (PDF here) – KUER
08/01/14 – Chief Burbank available for reporter Q&A at 10 a.m. this morning (PDF here) (Disposition letter) (Missing child call) (Firearm discharge call) – SLCPD
07/18/14 – Justice for Geist: Utah Dog Murdered By Police (PDF here) – Ladybud
07/09/14 – Justice for Geist: The Backyard Dog Killed By SLC Officer (PDF here) – Utah Stories
07/02/14 – Protestors demand justice after Utah police fatally shoot fenced-in dog (PDF here) –
07/02/14 – Geist Rally in Salt Lake City (PDF here) – Utah Stories
06/27/14 – Burbank Defends Police Department Amid Outrage Over Dog Shooting (PDF here) – KUER
06/27/14 – Justice for Geist Rally (PDF here) – Utah Stories
06/27/14 – SLCPD Chief on Defense Over Dog Shooting (PDF here) – Utah Political Capital
06/25/14 – Utah man demands police officer be fired for fatally shooting dog in fenced backyard (PDF here) – NY Daily News
06/25/14 – Salt Lake City dog shot by police sparks protest (PDF here) – DogTime
06/19/14 – Man confronts police over dog shooting (PDF here) – DogTime

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