High Road for Human Rights

Compassion Empowered


High Road for Human Rights envisions a world in which an engaged citizenry ensures the protection of human rights.


High Road for Human Rights organizes, supports, and mobilizes an extensive network of people to prevent and eliminate human rights abuses by:

  1. elevating awareness about human rights abuses and available solutions, and
  2. taking unified actions to achieve changes that will enhance the protection of human rights.
Guiding Principles
  1. High Road for Human Rights acts with compassion for people, seen and unseen.
  2. High Road values individual empowerment and community-building civic engagement.
  3. High Road responds to human rights abuses in a timely and effective manner.
  4. High Road is flexible in earnestly soliciting and considering new ideas and approaches.
  5. High Road is courageous, bold, and principled in pursuing solutions to human rights abuses.
  6. High Road pursues its mission with uncompromising integrity and acts in a respectful, yet vigorous, manner.
  7. High Road collaborates with, complements, and does not duplicate the work of other human rights organizations.
  8. High Road motivates and inspires people to care about the plight of others and to take effective actions to prevent suffering.
  9. High Road works with efficiency and with a view toward long-term sustainability.
  10. High Road values accountability, for others and for itself, and regularly reviews and discloses what it has done and what it seeks to do.
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