A LONG HISTORY OF TENACIOUS, SUCCESSFUL Click Here ADVOCACY Who's Who Lifetime Achievement READ MORE Regardless of our individual circumstances,
we can each contribute toward justice and liberty for all.
Let that contribution be a significant indication
of true success in our lives.
- Rocky Anderson
Each of us in our own way
can make our world a better place.
Let compassion, love, and justice be our goal -
and the means toward that goal.
- Rocky Anderson

This website is Rocky’s law firm and personal archives.

For information on Rocky’s 2023 campaign for Salt Lake City Mayor

please visit: www.rocky4mayor.com

New Documentary Series on
Former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson
a Decade in the Making


  • Watch Rocky on TYT
    Watch Rocky on TYT

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The Law Offices of Rocky Anderson has permanently closed as of February 28, 2021.

Mr. Anderson is working on prison and jail reform measures, solutions for the growing crisis of unsheltered homelessness and encampments, and other social, economic, and environmental justice issues.

If you are attempting to secure legal services, you are welcome to submit the contact form, but Mr. Anderson is not accepting any new cases nor providing legal advice.

Thank you!

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