February 7,  2014

Former Salt Lake City mayor and Justice Party presidential candidate Rocky Anderson provides a devastating history lesson, describing a few of the brutal post-World War II examples of US imperialism. In 1953 the CIA staged a coup to overthrow Mohammad Mosaddegh, the popular and democratically-elected Iranian prime minister, to keep him from nationalizing Iranian oil. Then in 1954 …


November 19,  2013

In this video, former Salt Lake City Mayor and 2012 Justice Party presidential candidate Rocky Anderson decries the horrific social and financial consequences of mandatory minimum sentencing laws, sharing the outrageous case of Weldon Angelos, condemned to spend 55 years in federal prison for non-violent drug offenses.


September 23,  2013

Newest TYT “Regulator” Rocky Anderson explains how faith in the Rule of Law has been dramatically undermined in the United States, first by the Bush Administration in its response to the attacks of September 11, and subsequently by the Obama Administration, which chose not to prosecute the rampant Bush era criminality including torture, extraordinary rendition and civil liberties abuses.

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