04/28/12 – Equality and Justice Are Not Just Catch PhrasesWar on Women Rally, Utah State Capitol

04/19/12 – Restoring Our Republic by Rejecting DuopolyThe Hammer Forum, University of California, LA

03/26/12 – An End to Authoritarianism and Plutocracy in the United States: It’s Up to UsSL City Weekly

01/13/12 – Justice Party Nomination Acceptance SpeechJustice Party Nomination Acceptance Speech


04/06/11 – Climate Justice and the Challenge of DevelopmentDemocracy in South Asia Forum, University of Utah

03/05/11 – Keynote Speech at United for Social Justice Immigration MarchSalt Lake City, UT


12/15/10 – Statement Regarding Long Term Reductions in Greenhouse Gas Emissions By Kennecott CopperKennecott Utah Copper Press Conference, SLC

11/19/10 – Remarks at High Road for Human Rights’ Rally for Accountability – Part 1Pioneer Park, Salt Lake City, UT

11/19/10 – Remarks at High Road for Human Rights’ Rally for Accountability – Part 2Pioneer Park, Salt Lake City, UT

06/02/10 – Commencement Address: Realms of InquirySalt Lake City, UT

03/10/10 – Speech at Rally for CO2 ReductionUtah State Capitol

02/19/10 – Statement by Rocky Anderson Before the Utah State Natural Resources, Agriculture, & Environment Committee

02/12/10 – Remarks at Climate of Change ConferenceHealthy Planet Mobilization Committee


12/04/09 – Leadership on Climate Change: The Future of our Earth and Its Inhabitants is Our ResponsibilityRowland Hall/St. Marks School.

11/06/09 – Human Rights and Climate Change: Taking the High RoadBioneers Conference, Westminster College, SLC

10/01/09 – Statement of Rocky Anderson Before the Subcommitte on National Parks Forests and Public Lands of the Committee on Natural Resources, Legislative Hearing on H.R. 1925: America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act of 2009

09/16/09 – Why the High Road? The Mission & Strategies of High Road for Human RightsHigh Road for Human Rights Newcomers Club, Park City, UT

07/09/09 – Climate Change JusticePresentation at Inclusion Summit, Tooele, UT

06/27/09 – The United Nations & the Rule of Law: A Call for US Leadership Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office

06/25/09 – Remarks at the Rally for Truth & Accountability for War CrimeWashington Square, Salt Lake City, UT

04/27/09 – Presentation at Joint-US China Cooperation on Clean Energy(JUCCCE), China

04/25/09 – Remarks at The Rescue, Organized by Invisible ChildrenGallivan Center, Salt Lake City, UT

02/27/09 – Effective Action on Climate Change: Responsible, Radical, and RelentlessKeynote Address at Powershift ’09 Climate Change Conference, Washington, DC

02/14/09 – Presentation at the Winter Conference for ActivistsHealthy Planet Mobilization Committee, University of Utah

01/16/09 – The Law and the Moral Imperative to Act: What Course Do We Take When They Clash?First Unitarian Church, Salt Lake City, UT

01/14/09 – Voices of Conscience During Times of War15th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration, Utah Valley University, Orem, Utah


12/03/08 – Help Restore What is Best About the USAAddress to the First Annual HR for HR Lawyer’s Breakfast, SLC, UT

11/07/08 – Speech at Proposition 8 RallyCity Creek Park, Salt Lake City, Utah

09/15/08 – Breaking the Cycle of ComplacencyHumanities Happy Hour, Squatters, Salt Lake City, Utah

09/04/08 – Climate Change Leadership and LegacyRegional Mayors’ Institute on Climate Change, Regional Plan Association, NYC, New York

07/25/08 – Regarding the Illegal Conduct and Other Egregious Abuses by the President of the USA and Other Members of His Administration and Possible Steps Toward Accountability, Future Deterrence, and ReformTestimony before the House Committee on the Judiciary, United States House of Representatives, Washington D.C.

07/21/08 – Combatting Climate Change: A Human Rights ImperativePresentation to the International Human Rights Funders Group, New York City, New York

05/28/08 – Remarks at High Road’s Peace & Human Rights Rally

05/15/08 – Upstanding in a Time of Crisis: Leadership Toward Solutions & Embracing OpportunitiesICLEI Local Action Summit, Albuquerque, NM


10/27/07 – Speech at Demonstration Against the Occupation of IraqCity & County Building, Salt Lake City, UT/em>

07/18/07 – Strength Through Diversity: Creating an Open, Welcoming Community in Salt Lake CityAddress at Diversity Best Practices Conference

05/30/07 – Testimony before a hearing of the EPA Allowing California and Other States to Regulate Global Warming Pollutants Under the Clean Cars ProgramWashington, DC

03/19/07 – Remarks at Rally on the Fourth Anniversary of the Invasion of IraqSalt Lake City, UT

03/01/07 – Part 1 – Rally in Favor of Impeachment of the President of the United StatesWashington State Senate

03/01/07 – Part 2 – Rally in Favor of Impeachment of the President of the United StatesWashington State Senate

01/27/07 – Protesting the Iraq WarWashington D.C.

01/28/07 – Reveling in Responsibility or, Resisting the RhinosRemarks at Humanities Happy Hour: Intellectual Hors d’oueuvres


09/28/06 – Why I Have Decided Not to Run for Re-ElectionSpeech announcing Mayor Anderson will not seek 3rd term, Salt Lake City Main Library

08/30/06 – Speech on the Occasion of President Bush’s Visit to SLCWashington Square, Salt Lake City, Utah

04/30/06 – Rally to End the Genocide in the Darfur Region of SudanWashington, DC

04/29/06 – Rally Against War in IraqCity & County Building, Salt Lake City, UT

04/09/06 – Dignity MarchSupport of Immigration Reform, Salt Lake City, UT


11/12/05 – Wrong Strategy, Wrong War, Wretched ResultsDrug Policy Alliance Conference, Long Beach, California

00/00/05 – Moral Breaking Point – Address to People of Conscience

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