Dine With Compassion, July 13, 2009

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Originally posted on July 13, 2009

The Wild Grape
July 13, 2009- Salt Lake City
The Wild Grape


High Road for Human Rights, with the support of Salt Lake City’s The Wild Grape Bistro, ran a promotion during which 10% of each meal ticket was donated to High Road after signing a voucher.  The Wild Grape hosted a kick-off for the July “Dine With Compassion” promotion on Monday July 13, 2009.   Rocky Anderson, the Executive Director of High Road for Human Rights, spoke about the mission of High Road and thanked the Wild Grape for coming up with the idea of “Dine with Compassion” and inviting High Road for Human Rights to be its pilot cause.    The Wild Grape felt the fundraiser was such a success, and High Road such a worthy cause to support, that they also generously extended the promotion through the end of August.

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