Mass Civil Disobedience

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Originally posted on March 2, 2009

Mass Civil Disobedience
Capitol Climate Action

March 2, 2009- Washington D.C.



On March 2nd, 2009, thousands of people came together for capitol climate action to offer an unprecedented example of mass protest and civil disobedience for the climate.  More than 2500 activists, many willing to risk arrest, successfully blockaded all five entrances to the Capitol Power Plant for more than four hours.

As impressive as that is, this action wasn’t just about this one coal-fired power plant. The scale and the commitment of the participants was the biggest example yet of the kind of public support necessary to solve the climate crisis.

We aren’t going to stop global warming by just changing lightbulbs and driving hybrid cars. The only real solution is to come together and demand unprecedented change through unprecedented action.





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