Do you stand for peace?

A vote for Rocky Anderson is a vote for peace.
  • Rocky opposed the Vietnam War, participating in protests and teach-ins as a college student.
  • Rocky did more than speak out. His resistance to US orchestration and financing of the contra war in Nicaragua included organizing and taking two trips for dozens of people to Nicaragua during the contra war to see for themselves the truth, which varied dramatically from the accounts by the Reagan administration and the mainstream media.
  • Rocky debated the contra Commander-in-Chief Adolfo Calero and spoke at universities and elsewhere about disastrous US policy in Central America.
  • Rocky’s opposition to the invasion and occupation of Iraq included his calls for impeachment of Bush for lying to the nation during the lead-up to that catastrophic war.
  • Rocky would end our military involvement in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia immediately.  He would undertake to repair relations with those nations and re-affirm their sovereignty, while committing not to engage in acts of war without congressional authorization, as required by the War Power Clause of the Constitution. Rocky would seek to be remembered as the “peace president,” not a “war president.”
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