Introduction:  All Presidential candidates must be able to articulate a clear vision for our country.  The vision is a statement (or a collection of statements) that describe the country we want to have and that, with the right leadership, the country we can have.  I believe that, over the past generation or so, our leaders have made many very important strategic decisions that have resulted in much harm to our country and, in some cases, to our world.  My Vision for the United States of America encompasses what I believe are fundamental principles and priorities, including the rights and freedoms of our citizens; how we should treat one another (not just fellow U.S. citizens, but citizens of our world); the proper role of our government and of our leaders; the basic values we as a nation, and as individuals within our nation, should have; the need to better educate and guide our youth, and to care for our youth and other people of our country who cannot care for themselves; the benefits of working hard, earning our place in this world, saving for the future, and protecting our resources for future generations; maintaining a strong defense and using it only to preserve peace; and improving the lives of all of our people, not just a chosen few.  I have articulated my Vision for our country in more detail below.

 My Vision [the nation we want to have] for the United States of America is:

A nation which, first and foremost, respects all people, within and outside our borders, irrespective of ethnicity, race, religious affiliation (or not), sexual orientation, and economic status, and which embraces diversity and accepts and celebrates (not simply tolerates) our differences.

A nation that values and promotes the freedom of its people and the freedom of people everywhere.

A nation that understands that the rights of the individual must be protected, so that each individual is able to pursue his/her own life and goals without arbitrary or coercive hindrance from others.

A nation that understands the sanctity of human life and which recognizes that, as long as an individual is alive, that individual has the opportunity to contribute to our world and to live with dignity and self-respect.

A nation which understands we are all in this life together and, therefore, accepts differences of opinion and teaches acceptance and compromise.

A nation that encourages and allows each of us to capitalize on our strengths and overcome our weaknesses.

A nation that cultivates in its citizenry a drive and desire not only to care for oneself, but also to proactively care for those in need – in our communities, in our nation, and in our world.

A nation that recognizes that its greatest hope for the future is its youth and which, therefore, places extraordinary value on education for and cultivation of its young people.

A nation that values education, hard work, entrepreneurialism, dedication, and passion, and which strives to ensure that, if we are educated and work hard, we will create a sustainable and robust economy, and each of us will have the opportunity to build  meaningful economic security, achieve our dreams, and live meaningful, fulfilled lives.

A nation that understands that a healthy citizenry is a much happier and productive citizenry and that government plays an important role in promoting health and fitness.

A nation that understands we are stewards of our world, that sustainable policies and practices are required to preserve resources for future generations, and that we have an obligation to leave our world better than we found it.

A nation that maintains a strong defensive capability, balanced with robust diplomatic and intelligence capabilities, and is firm but fair in its dealings with transgressors against our safety and the safety of our world, but which never uses its superior capabilities to oppress other nations, groups, or individuals or to engage in a war of aggression.

A nation that values peace within and outside our borders, and which will not allow economic interests to overshadow our nation’s and our world’s right to and need for peace.

A nation that understands and appreciates the fundamental values and principles contained in our Constitution (including the Bill of Rights and other amendments), and which seeks to adhere to those values and principles for the benefit and betterment of all of our citizens.

A nation that understands the value of the three co-equal branches of government and our constitutional system of checks and balances, and which will not tolerate the erosion or usurpation of the powers and prerogatives of any one branch or branches of government.

A nation that values the rule of law for all of its citizens, regardless of status and wealth, and which abides by its agreements with and obligations to other nations.

A nation whose leaders understand that their jobs are to work relentlessly and exclusively to improve the condition of our people, and not to succumb to the demands and influence of special interests; and that in our leaders we have placed our trust, and it is their highest calling in life to fulfill that trust and to never breach it.

A nation where the role of government is neither to be paternal or intrusive in the lives of its citizens nor to ignore (i) the needs of those among us who are unable to care for themselves, or (ii) the challenging characteristics of human nature (e.g., greed and selfishness); rather, where the role is to assist its citizens in achieving their potential.

Our Mission [which is how to achieve our Vision, i.e., to obtain the nation we want] is to:

  • support and adhere to the fundamental values and principles contained in the Constitution;
  • implement policies that strengthen businesses, domestic employment, innovation, and the competitive global position of the United States;
  • live within our means (except as war, catastrophe, or impending economic collapse may require);
  • operate an efficient, effective, and transparent government;
  • operate a government that meets the needs of its people, including their health, education, environment, and well being; and
  • restrict the influence of money, particularly from the corporate sector and other sources of concentrated wealth, on legislation and government policies.

Our Core Values [which are the principles we adhere to in carrying out our Mission] are to:

  • Treat all people, including those of future generations, with respect;
  • Always act with integrity, i.e., always take the high moral road and do the right thing;
  • Communicate fully and transparently (except when absolutely necessary to maintain secrecy to protect our national interest);
  • Listen first, understand other perspectives, then respond;
  • Be a consensus builder, domestically and internationally;
  • Make decisions based on facts;
  • Respect the fundamental values and principles contained in the Constitution; and
  • Respect and uphold the rule of law.

If this is an America you wish to be realized, please share, and get involved with the campaign today!

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