My wife and I admire, endorse and support Mayor Rocky Anderson for a second term as Mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Rocky has endeared himself and his administration to many different communities in Salt Lake City because of his willingness to listen to their issues and his attempts to bring resolution to those issues. His approach to City government is at one and the same time inclusive, participatory and democratic. There has never been such openness and direct discussion about City issues as Rocky has brought about. Department and division heads of his administration are well-known and respected persons because they answer citizens' questions and concerns face to face at the moment they are raised in a format developed by Rocky-News and Community Conferences.

The minority community has welcomed Rocky with open arms for his Executive Orders dealing with an affirmative employment policy inclusive of all protected and unprotected classes, his order to all departments that more needed to be done in hiring minorities, veterans, disabled and women, and decision to expand the number of minorities serving on City Commission and Boards; his support and help to the Native Asian Pacific Islands African Hispanic-NAPAH Village during the Olympics, his personal invitations to individuals from all communities to his Olympic parties; and his stand against the English Only Referendum and joining the law suit against the legislative act, all of these are clear testimony to his egalitarian approach to governing.

A large majority of the Latino community is especially pleased with Rocky's term. He has shown appreciation and respect to Latino groups such as Alianza Latina, RAZ-PAC, Centro Civico Mexicano, UCLR, Mujeres Latinas, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce all of the Hispanic media and press, the Consuls of Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and El Salvador; his rescue of Latino businesses from the wave of deliberate and aggravated robberies with the great help of the PD, and his defense of the victims of the Airport Raid, his plea for funds to meet their needs and the subsequent development of the Families Helping Families concept, all of these things have made him a popular, applauded and beloved figure.

Archie and Lois Archuleta

It is a pleasure to endorse Rocky Anderson as Mayor of Salt Lake City. I am pleased with his efforts to revitalize the downtown area and his stand with the citizens of the West Side to come up with a workable solution to the problems it faces. I appreciate his environmental stand, and his attempts to unify the community at large.

Gordon M. Dew
Distinctive African American Art

Mayor Anderson has proven to be world class leader. His leadership has been about addition NOT subtraction. Mayor Anderson seeks out problems to solve - while others hide from them, because the political fallout may be too great. His vision, energy, hard work, and integrity, along with high expectations are the kind of qualities we do not see enough of in the public or private sectors. Mayor Anderson is open to dialogue with any concerned group or resident and is not afraid to alter his opinion. While some would call this waffling most would call it listening - a skill government needs more of – not less. Mayor Anderson's impact on city services, youth programs, mass transit, our environment, downtown revitalization, and the west side development have been vital to the residents of this great city. As a business owner located in the downtown area and a city resident who lives downtown, I see the improvements on a daily basis. I am proud to call Salt Lake City my home.

Mayor Anderson is a DOER not just a TALKER we need Mayor Anderson for another four years. I strongly endorse Mayor Rocky Anderson for re-election.

David Ibarra
Salt Lake City

There's no question who should be then next Mayor of Salt Lake City. For centuries in this country, many government leaders have made attempts to lead people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Native Americans have lived with broken promises by leaders as a norm.

Rocky Anderson is the exception. Rocky leads the way a WARRIOR leads-courageous, brave and strong.

Rocky goes beyond expectations. His uncommon politics is a breath of fresh air. He means what he says and he honors his commitments. In the face of immense adversity he stands courageous and with utmost integrity.

He is brave in more ways than one. When he speaks for and empowers those who desire a better society – a society that embraces and seeks to understand cultural diversity. He goes beyond measure.

Rocky stands strong and committed to the people of Salt Lake City. This man has gone to bat for the little people time and time again. He's highly intelligent and continues to be a thoughtful man with integrity as he leads the people.

Rocky Anderson is an individual who has made strides for the Native American community and he is definitely our choice WARRIOR.

Cal Nez

Rocky Anderson has demonstrated to me his genuine concern for the citizens of Salt Lake City by his willingness to support the causes we have advanced to benefit the city. It is refreshing to find a public servant who is just that-- someone who is less interested in putting on a crown than rolling up his sleeves.

Richard Paul Evans
Chairman, The Christmas Box House International

I only wish that we had a Mayor in Los Angeles that was of the level of Rocky Anderson. For the past several years I have had the fortunate pleasure and honor to participate in the Salt Lake City International Jazz Festival and be directly involved with Mayor Anderson. I have never had any personal contacts with our mayors here in Los Angeles, or any mayor in any city which I have performed in. I have observed the mayor to be a real 'Peoples' Mayor', which is what it really should be. The Mayor sincerely cares about the people of Salt Lake City. It was first obvious when I saw the orange flags for the pedestrians , which I was told was Rocky Anderson's idea. Most importantly, you can talk to Rocky like he is your friend and brother.(no ivory towers for him).

If you really want to know what I think- a Mayor who cares about the people enough to create a 'free' world class jazz festival for the people of his city, and who is as excited about the artists as the audience is- I Love Him- and if Rocky Anderson was President of the United States, we would not be in the mess we are in right now.


"Rocky has demonstrated time and again that he is not afraid to tackle the tough issues. He has proven his ability to listen, evaluate, decide, and then, most importantly, to lead. He is committed to making Salt Lake City an inclusive community. I wholeheartedly support Mayor Anderson's re-election campaign."

Jane Marquardt
Lawyer, Community Activist

Courageous, visionary, hardworking, sometimes brash, thoughtful, inclusive, honest, determined, fair, bold, intellectual, attentive! These are but a few words that I would use to describe "My" Mayor Rocky Anderson.

Rocky has given his unwavering support to programs and issues that reflect his commitment to diversity. His careful, thoughtful approach in dealing with all aspects of community in Salt Lake shows his dedication to nondiscrimination and real inclusiveness. Endorsing Rocky Anderson for Mayor is a "No Brainer"!

Michael Marriot

Rocky Anderson, what a breath of fresh air. You may not always like his positions but you have got to admire his straight forward approach in tackling some of Salt Lake City's toughest issues. I travel all over the United States and deal with a variety of political figures, at all levels of government, and I can't begin to tell you how lucky we are to have a leader of Rocky's intellect, honesty and ethical character. We need that leadership for another term. Too much has yet to be done. So please join me in supporting one of the nation's best city executives for four more years.

John H. Short, Ph.D.
Managing Partner
Phase 2 Consulting

Rocky Anderson is not a politician in any traditional sense. He is honest (sometimes to the point of offending people), he is so dedicated to serving the citizens of Salt Lake City he has made huge sacrifices in his personal life, he is intelligent and thoughtful - always looking for ways to make our city a better place to live, by talking to citizens, listening, reading, researching issues and new approaches. Honest, hardworking, intelligent, thoughtful, creative and accessible – these are the qualities I want in the Mayor of our city and these are qualities Mayor Anderson possesses.

Deeda Seed

Salt Lake City has reaped tremendous benefits from having a mayor of Rocky's caliber. He is absolutely dedicated to the welfare of its citizens, and his commitment to public service is beyond question. His creative, energetic, principled approach to fashioning long-term solutions serves as a model for other communities. At the same time, his compassion and integrity, coupled with his accessibility to the people he represents ensure that he acts with our best interests in mind. Rocky has provided leadership in the most profound sense of that word, and it has been essential to the city's rise as one of the country's best places to live, work, and do business. I am proud to endorse his candidacy for a second term as mayor, and urge the voters to return him to that office with a renewed mandate to serve Salt Lake City as it continues to emerge as a thriving, vibrant, healthy community.

Kate Toomey

"One of the centerpieces of Salt Lake City is the new Main Library. Rocky has been a visionary leader of the Library Block and a strong advocate for open space around the library."

Terry and John Becker

Gale Dick has lived in Salt Lake City for 44 years where he and his wife, Ann, raised a family and have been engaged in educational, environmental, civic, and cultural affairs. He taught and practiced physics at and helped administer the U of U for 41 of those years. "I'm supporting Rocky for mayor in the conviction that he has been one of the best mayors that SLC has had in the last 44 years. He's accessible to his constituents; he cares about open space; he has committed city government to protection of our foothills from illegal ORV traffic; and he has supported successful efforts of SLC to acquire crucial property in our Wasatch Mountain watershed in order to protect it. He has a great vision for our city".

Gale Dick

When I met Rocky I could tell right away that he was a remarkable person. He has dealt with many situations that have been troublesome to me. Common issues like drug traffic in our city, the maximum efficiency of law enforcement etc. are concerns that Rocky Anderson would never cast aside, but rather are issues he has spent much time, energy and many resources to improve. There is always room for more effort to be made to combat such problems - Rocky knows that.

I believe that a Mayor functions as a foundation for and director of the changes that will revive and advance his or her community, which requires an enormous level of devotion and dilligence. Rocky, I can honestly say, is the most genuine and hard-working public official I've ever met. It is an honor to know him. He not only fulfills the citizen's need for a devoted Mayor, but works beyond this requirement, for the betterment of the community.

Emily Muntz (Editor in Chief - Listen Magazine)

My husband and I support Rocky Anderson's bid for re-election. Rocky is hard-working, honest, and whether or not you like his ideas, you know where he stands. As citizens, we have found his administration responsive to our needs and committed to problem solving. He has contributed energy, vitality and new ideas to our community. We look forward to seeing what he can do in a second term as our Mayor.

Nancy and Blaine Huntsman

I commend Mayor Anderson for his focused agenda to reinvigorate the downtown Salt Lake Main Street area. While there are no simple solutions to solving the retail, commercial, and housing needs of this great city, Rocky has great passion and drive to recognize and address these challenges.

David Huntsman

I adamantly support Rocky and endorse him again as Mayor of Salt Lake City. I've worked with him almost a decade and know him to be a genuine humanitarian, concerned with human welfare and the alleviation of suffering. We have collaborated on numerous occasions to ensure that victims receive the respect, dignity and safety, which they deserve, and to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions. He will always be a hero in my eyes because he listens compassionately to the cries of victims and under served populations...then enlists city staff to address the issues and implement changes to improve services.

I can drive through the city on any given day and recognize the improvements he has fulfilled; impassioned to support his constituents, businesses and overall visitors. As you read, watch and listen to the news about him, remember that he always has citizens in mind. His consistent, tireless efforts reach out globally to become adept to improve our environment, safety, economic development, transportation, the arts and most of all...quality of life.

No other person but Rocky is better qualified to represent Salt Lake City, recognized globally for outstanding achievements in government leadership.

Brandy Farmer
Domestic Violence Prevention Specialist

Rocky Anderson possesses all the vital characteristics and competencies Utah needs in its contemporary leaders! Vision, Courage, Conviction, Fairness, Respect, Intelligence, Accessibility, Candor, Honesty, Open-mindedness, Relevance, Synergy, Inclusion, and Hope. In addition he is highly intelligent, articulate, a futuristic thinker, a realistic planner, and an encompassing representative. The balance of thought and ideas, as well as the promotion of difference in perspective and opinion are tantamount to Salt Lake City's growth and evolution into this new century. Rocky Anderson is the best leader to guarantee these very things.

Charles L. Frost

Even by his detractors, Rocky is respected for his integrity and his honest approach to municipal government. He is not a politician. Rather than re-election, his main interest is to best serve Salt Lake City, and I believe he has accomplished that goal during his term as mayor. His unbiased approach to resolving the Main Street plaza controversy typifies his commitment to do what is just and to act in the best interest of all of his constituents. I personally appreciate the many efforts he has made to revitalize downtown and minimize religious, racial and economic divisions. For these reasons and many more, I encourage you to get involved, review his accomplishments over the last four years, and vote to re-elect Mayor Rocky Anderson. Salt Lake City can only continue to benefit from his effective leadership if you do.

Kimmberly Reed
Lotus Art Glass Studio

I have been displaying my paintings all over Utah and I have been a member of both the Intermountain Society of Artists as well as the Great Basin Artists Guild for more than 25 years. I have been an Artist Advocate for 6 years working to open up public properties for Fine Artists to have their 1st and 14th Amendment Constitutional Civil Right to perform, display, and ask for and receive money for their creative expression.

Before Rocky Anderson was elected, I went down to Pioneer Park to simply paint alongside some kids. Their parents wanted them to learn from me. We were threatened with arrest for simply painting in the park.

I was in the process of seeking the protection of the Federal Courts with a major lawsuit. Then, one evening, I was watching the news on TV. Rocky Anderson was running for Mayor. As I was watching, he said thyat artists should be encouraged, not threatened by the police. I was amazed. I said, "Who was this guy?" I had never heard anything like that from any politician!

Only two weeks after Rocky had taken office, I went with a high school Art teacher to Rocky's first public meeting. Mayor Anderson handed the microphone around the room, letting everyone have a chance to voice their opinions and ideas. What a change that was over previous administrations. Public input! Amazing!

Rocky not only listened to me that night, he took it to heart. From that moment on, Mayor Anderson has allowed me to have access in an educational process that has led to the gift of Art being given back to this community. With the passage of the new Street Artists' Ordinance, for which Rocky fought for more than a year, public properties are now open for artists of all ages in the most wide-sweeping reform to artists' civil rights in any city in this country.

The opportunities Mayor Anderson has given the Artist Community in this City are truly remarkable. Through this process of opening public properties to Artists, Mayor Anderson has enriched the lives of every citizen of this City. Now we can have Little League Art for Kids in our parks. Kids can sing, read poetry, perform skits and plays, tell stories, display their paintings and sculptures in our public parks again. Senior citizens can be right there alongside them, enriching the lives of every member of the community. Why? Rocky Anderson, that's why!

Steven C. White
Artist/Artist Advocate

Over the past three years Rocky has exhibited real leadership on issues facing our community. His willingness to stand against nuclear waste shipments through Salt Lake City and surrounding communities is just one of many examples why we need to keep Rocky working for our city for four more years. I am proud to offer my support to Mayor Anderson's reelection campaign.

Craig Axford

Mayor Rocky has endorsed much needed improvements at Liberty Park. These improvements are a real gift to the public. Liberty Park provides rest and recreation for everyone.

That's just one of the many reasons I support Rocky Anderson's reelection campaign.

Calvin D. Nelson
Tennis Enthusiast

I endorse Mayor Rocky Anderson for three reasons:

  • A)He always seeks a WIN-WIN solution for any conflicts or issues among citizens and government alike.
  • B)He is extremely efficient and effective in all that he does, from projects and programs to giving taxpayers the biggest gang for their buck.
  • C)He strives to improve the quality of life for Salt Lake residents, which extends far beyond the City boundaries; from business and economic incentives, to part programs and bike lanes, to environmental and safety awareness.

Lisa Verzella
Second Trumpet, Ballet West
President, L & V Records
Featured Musician, Womyn's Work CD

It is my pleasure to announce my personal endorsement for your re-election.

We've asked for your help and expertise on many occasions. You have been there for us with your unwaivering energy and intelligence.

Your proven leadership skills continue to help preserve the rights and quality of life for our working families.

For these reasons I give you my endorsement and support for your re-election campaign for the office of Mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Ralph J. Taurone, V.P. @ Large
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
Teamsters Local 222

I endorse Rocky because no one is neutral on Rocky! He is passionate and one of the hardest working, all over town, genuinely caring people I have met. He gets people talking whether you agree with him or not. I look forward to four more years of Rocky as my mayor.

Chris Machen

I will always support Rocky Anderson for any office he pursues. I have never met anyone as honest as Rocky--with such an amazing breadth of abilities. His legal credentials in combination with creative thinking benefit our city in so many ways. Rocky is the clear choice for youthful citizens who consider themselves active in decision making. He's the best representative for our gifted minds.

Rocky represented all Americans when he represented me and won our court case so that I could compete in the Nagano Olympic Games. If it weren't for Rocky, I would not have been able to be an Olympic athlete. Through his committed advocacy, Rocky assisted all Olympic Athletes and represented our country by vindicating the interests underlying the United States Constitution and the Amateur Sports Act. Rocky represents the people of Salt Lake City with the same tenancity, energy, and commitment he successfully applied to my Olympic cause.

Jim Moran

Rocky Anderson deserves re-election. He isn't much of a politician. He's too principled for that. Rocky's integrity sometimes ticks off people on both sides of an issue. But the city is better off because of his efforts: building a new airport, restoring vitality to downtown, fighting for the West Side, insuring pedestrian safety, providing needed downtown parking, and assuring all citizens a meaningful life and opportunity in Salt Lake City. Mayors need two terms to meet all of the challenges. Give us Rocky II!

Ted Wilson

Finally, we've found an elected official with integrity! There's nothing "slick" about Rocky Anderson, just an honest hardworking Mayor of and for the people.

Steve Booth

When I was asked as a performing jazz artist to appear at the Salt Lake City International Jazz Festival, I found an extraordinary Festival spirited by Rocky Anderson and, at Rocky's insistence, FREE to the public. I was honored to spend time with Rocky while I was there. I was astounded at his devotion to his position as Mayor and his obvious fondness for the people of Salt Lake City. While I am not an eligible voter for Rocky, I stand firmly behind his reelection and I only hope the people of Salt Lake City recognize this truly great public servant as their man for Mayer in the coming election.

Eddie Daniels
Jazz Clarinetist

I grew up in Utah and have lived in Utah most of my life. I am an attorney and a Republican. Notwithstanding my political affiliation, I have always had great respect for Rocky Anderson and will always proudly endorse and support him in any political capacity.

Rocky has served Salt Lake City as Mayor during one of the most difficult, critical, and challenging times in the history of Salt Lake City and Utah. Rocky has met each and every challenge strongly, brilliantly, and with sound judgment. In situations where the resolution of a problem has seemed impossible and the community and political pressures have been overwhelming, Rocky has always calmly, gracefully, diligently, and creatively worked to find a resolution to the problem and has found effective solutions to those problems.

In short, Rocky Anderson has served the citizens of Salt Lake City and Utah with the same zeal, humanity, thoughtful concern, and care that he always did in his private practice as an attorney where, among other things and for many years, he diligently represented, at no charge, countless people in downtrodden circumstances who could not afford to pay for an attorney. Salt Lake City and Utah is and will always be a better place because of Rocky Anderson and we are very fortunate to have him as a leader and citizen.

Judi Sorensen,
Associate General Counsel,
The Sorenson Companies
Salt Lake City, Utah

I first met Rocky Anderson in 2001 when he asked me to produce a jazz festival for Salt Lake City. Rocky insisted that the Salt Lake City International Jazz Festival be a first class Festival and that it be FREE to the public. He cares about the arts, he cares about live music, and he cares about the people of Salt Lake City. Please do our great city the honor of reelecting this honest, hard working, caring great man as our Mayor. You won't be sorry!

Jerry W. Floor

Rocky Anderson has been a principled, courageous mayor, striving to make Salt Lake City the diverse livable kind of city it is a pleasure to live in. Whether hosting the Olympics, opposing bad ideas like sprawl malls and nuclear waste sites, honoring campaign promises or seeking to make peace with the divisive issue of the Temple Square Plaza, he has demonstrated the wisdom and compassionate leadership we need in Salt Lake City. His jazz festival and overall support of the arts is another of his many fine traits. I support Rocky's bid for reelection. We need him.

Patrick Zwick, Librarian
Utah Symphony

Rocky Anderson deserves to be our Mayor. He has actively demonstrated his commitment and support of the many diverse racial and ethnic people and communities living and working in Salt Lake. We need his integrity and progressive outlook for the continued positive growth of Salt Lake City into a community that listens and encourages participation, involvement, enjoyment and respect of all of its residents. Give us Rocky II!

Sherrie Hayashi

"I endorse Rocky Anderson for re-election because he's a modern westerner; bold, idealistic, work-driven and creative. Rocky loves all people and wishes a better and more equitable Utah. As a Hispanic, like what he is doing and wish him a second term to finish what he has started."

Javier Saenz, PHD

"Rocky is a thoughtful and open-minded voice for Salt Lake City. How rare is that? Our City is a better place to live because of his dedication.

Walter F. Bugden, Jr.

Rocky is a man of principle and conviction whose path is decisive and unwavering. He tackles Salt Lake City's tough issues with integrity and fortitude. During the 2003 General Legislative Session, the mayor worked diplomatically with legislators to secure $2.6 million in sales tax revenues owed to the city.

Rocky's loyalty to Salt Lake City extends beyond budgets and bureaucracy. At my request, he agreed to address a group of students at Westminster College last fall. Thanks, Rocky, for scheduling time in your busy day to speak to my grandson and his classmates.

Salt Lake City needs this confident, dynamic, and qualified leader for another four years.

Senator Mike Dmitrich
Senate Minority Leader
State of Utah

"It is unusual to find a politician who is true to his word. Rocky is such a man. He has stood by his principles even when the pressure is on. He listens to people and cares about what they say. I know that we can count on Rocky."

Jo Brandt

I met Rocky Anderson, for the first time, a few days before he was going to be sworn in as the Mayor of Salt Lake City. The meeting was the result of an invitation to discuss the Office of the City Prosecutor, the role of government and community. I was neither an employee of the City or affiliated with it. The only common link between us was that we were both attorneys, had a background in philosophy, and cared about public service. This meeting ended up being about life, ethics, and public service. Rocky's passionate concern about the City was evident from this first meeting. I was impressed that here was the future Mayor of Salt Lake City, literally just a day or two before his inauguration inviting me to discuss how he could make the Office of the City Prosecutor more responsive to serve the City better. I was surprised even more when he offered me the appointment to become the City Prosecutor. I took the job because of what became apparent to me, and has been confirmed over the last three years, that his passion is not out of convenience nor his actions for the sake of expediency. Rocky cares about this City. As a prosecutor, I have been lucky to have a supporter who has encouraged and challenged all of us to think out of the box and come up with workable solutions to the issues confronting our communities and our citizens. Rocky's leadership and support has allowed us to create workable solutions to some serious issues confronting our communities. He has supported our efforts and collaborations with Drug Court, Mental Health Court, Domestic Violence Court and other programs to educate and treat at risk populations in the criminal justice system. Rocky has supported and advocated a philosophy of Restorative Justice which recognizes that when crime happens it causes injuries to victims, communities and the offenders that engage in crime. Justice requires the repairing of these injuries with appropriate accountability. Government's role is not merely to be passive but to take on an active role in the community at the grassroots level and to assist in providing solutions with efforts in a proactive and engaged manner. To serve and restore our communities has been his goal.

I support Rocky simply because the values of the man I met at that first meeting have not changed. Tenacity and hard work do equate success and Rocky has not shied away from his responsibility nor shirked from the difficult challenges a public servant confronts. Rocky's leadership is one of both honesty and courage; the honesty to ask the difficult questions and courage to act upon them. This City is a better place for it.

Rocky deserves another term.

Sim Gill