February 18, 2003

Contact: Michael Mitchell
(801) 355-3479

Unity Utah Endorses Mayor Rocky Anderson for Re-Election

Salt Lake City – Unity Utah has announced their endorsement of Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, citing his strong support of the city's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

"Of the current candidates, Mayor Anderson is the most knowledgeable on GLBT issues and has a proven track record of visible support for our community," said Michael Mitchell, Unity Utah Executive Director. "During his first term, Rocky has proven time and again that his vision for Salt Lake City includes a place at the table for her GLBT citizens. His leadership on our issues is laudable."

"I am proud to receive the endorsement of Unity Utah for my reelection campaign," said Mayor Anderson. "Unity Utah and I will continue to work together to build a community where everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, is welcome and respected. Our City is stronger because of our diversity -- and because of the value our residents place on dignity, fairness, and equal treatment for all."

Mayor Rocky Anderson has been popular in the GLBT community since his initial run for the office when he included the city's gay bars on campaign stops. Upon taking office, he implemented an executive order banning anti-gay discrimination for city workers when the City Council repealed a similar measure. He has had several long-term GLBT employees in his office. He even served as the Grand Marshall for Utah Gay Pride Parade.

Candidates were asked a variety of questions concerning GLBT issues, such as support for a domestic partner registry for all citizens and benefits for city employees; anti-discrimination in housing; the creation of a city human rights commission; and support for the current executive order that bans anti-gay discrimination in hiring, firing and promotion of city employees. Unity Utah's endorsement is based on those questionnaires and where possible, personal interviews with the candidates.

Unity Utah is the state's gay/lesbian political action committee and works to empower our community and allies to actively participate in all levels of the political process.

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