Left to right, back to front—Gwen Springmeyer, Blythe Nobleman, Nazar Mohamed, Janet Wolf, Christy Cordwell, Diana Karrenberg, David Nimkin, Leah Bryner, Yolanda Francisco-Nez, Beverly Miller, Kim Thomas, Pauline Peck, Archie Archuleta, Lisa Romney, DJ Baxter, Josh Ewing

There are urban legends about working in the Mayor's Office, and then there are the facts. Mayor Rocky Anderson has high expectations for those working on his team, as all taxpayers should expect. Yet, all of us share Rocky's passion for making a difference and have chosen this job because we want to have a positive impact on as many people as possible. As a result, not a day goes by without our work resulting in tangible, significant change that makes someone's life better. Every day, we are inspired by Rocky's passion, his energy, his creativity, his intelligence, his compassion, and his unbelievable work ethic. Through thick and thin, Rocky keeps us motivated, driven, and effective, while always managing to bring humor and new insight to every situation. Proud of what we have accomplished with Rocky over the last four years, we are eager to tackle another four years of challenges, rewards, and progress. Take it from the subjects of urban legend—Salt Lake City is a better place with Rocky Anderson as our Mayor.