Agenda Setting by Media I

Agenda Setting by Media II

Aggressive War – Jackson’s Opening Address

Anti-TPP Rally Speech (Rocky Anderson)

Ballot Access – Teresa Amato

Bennett, Governing With the News

Bennett Information Crisis in American Democracy

Bennett Objectivity From News

Bennett Political Economy of News


Conspiracy Theory in America

Demand Democracy Rally Speech (Rocky Anderson)

Deseret News Reporting (Rocky Anderson)

Detainee Treatment – Constitution Project

Dialogue Article, Rocky Anderson

Ellsberg, Secrets

Ellsberg Secrets


FARRA of 1998

Father Misled About Iraq (Parade, p. 1)

Father Misled About Iraq (Parade, p. 2)

Father Misled About Iraq (Parade, p. 3)

Gelbspan – Boiling Point

Genocide and Media (Rocky Anderson)

Greenberg – A Wicked War

Hertsgaard, Media Reflecting Governing Class Values

Hertsgaard, On Bended Knee

High Road for Human Rights Vision

Hill, Fixing Elections

Jane Mayer Clinton Renditions

Jane Mayer Dark Side

Jane Mayer Dark Side

Margulies – Guantánamo

Media Course Book List

Media Course Class Paper Topics

Media Course Objectivity Abdulrahman al-Alawka

Media Course SPJ Code of Ethics (pre-’87)

Millennial Political Efficacy (Student Paper)

Millennials: The Me Generation

Navy officer “knew what we were doing was wrong”

Nuremberg Tribunal Decision War of Aggression Excerpt

O’Reilly RCA Napolitano

Paul Starr – Creation of Media

Schudson Objectivity

Schwarz & Huq, Unchecked and Unbalanced

Schwarz & Huq Church Committee

Schwarz & Huq Renditions

SL Tribune – West-Siders Angry

Thronson Emergency Powers

Torture at Abu Ghraib “It Happened Here First”

Torture – History of Torture

Waller, Killers of Conviction

Wormuth & Firmage – To Chain the Dog of War

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