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Federal District Court Action – Case No. 2:19-CV-00360-DBP



10/16/20 – Utah Medical Cannabis Advocates Gain Ground After Lawsuit (PDF here)Forbes

09/14/20 – Advocates to drop their legal challenge over Utah’s marijuana initiative (PDF here)Salt Lake Tribune

09/14/20 – Lawsuit over Utah’s replacement of medical cannabis ballot initiative is dropped (PDF here)Fox 13

09/14/20 – Advocates drop lawsuit challenging Utah’s medical cannabis compromise bill (PDF here)KUTV 2News

09/06/19 – Lawsuit over medical marijuana against state to continue, even with proposed changes to mm law for special session.KUTV 2News Facebook

02/20/19 – Lawyer says Utah’s new medical cannabis law is a ‘full service drug cartel’ (PDF here) – Fox 13

02/20/19 – Letter: Bill to replace Prop 2 is illegal (PDF here) (Letter) – abc4

12/07/18 – Letter: On Prop 2, the Legislature rushes to overturn the will of the people (PDF here) – Salt Lake Tribune

12/07/18 – Letter: Proposition 2 shenanigans bring to mind Mark Twain’s famous quip (PDF here) – Salt Lake Tribune

12/06/18 – Medical cannabis advocates suing the state over Prop 2 override have a bigger goal: challenging the Legislature’s disregard of the peoples’ will (PDF here) – Salt Lake Tribune

12/06/18 – Lawsuit claims medical marijuana law was weakened by unconstitutional “domination and interference” by Mormon church (PDF here) – Salt Lake Tribune

12/06/18 – Lawsuit challenges Utah lawmakers’ decision to replace medical marijuana ballot initiative (PDF here) – Fox13

12/06/18 – Lawsuit argues Prop 2 replacement bill ‘violates constitutional rights of the People’ (PDF here) – abc4

12/06/18 – ‘Rocky’ Anderson files lawsuit to restore Proposition 2, slams Gov. Herbert, LDS Church for contravening ‘will of the people’ (PDF here) – Gephardt Daily

12/06/18 – Patient groups ask court to invalidate Utah’s medical marijuana compromise (PDF here) – KSL

12/06/18 – Patient groups ask court to invalidate Utah’s medical marijuana compromise (PDF here) – Deseret News

12/06/18 – Despite Concerns, Utah Medical Pot Legislation Changes Approved (PDF here) – Claims Journal

12/06/18 – Former SLC Mayor Leads Suit Against Utah Political Leaders Regarding Proposition 2 (PDF here) – KPCW

12/05/18 – ‘Mormon Land’: Atlantic journalist McKay Coppins talks about Prop 2, Mitt Romney and the LDS Church’s political influence in Utah and nationally (PDF here) – Salt Lake Tribune

12/05/18 – Enemy of the People (PDF here) – City Weekly

12/05/18 – Tribune editorial: Medical cannabis is just beginning in Utah (PDF here) – Salt Lake Tribune

12/04/18 – Utah has a new medical marijuana law — but not the one approved by voters in the recent election (PDF here) – Salt Lake Tribune

12/04/18 – Utah has a medical cannabis program; here’s what’s different from Prop. 2 in the new law (PDF here) – Fox13

12/04/18 – Lawsuit to be filed against governor after medical cannabis compromise bill passed (PDF here) – KUTV

12/04/18 – ‘Rocky’ Anderson blasts Utah’s cannabis compromise as ‘cruel, contemptuous,’ plans immediate legal action (PDF here) – Gephardt Daily

12/03/18 – Two days before the election, recording shows, top church lobbyist urged Latter-day Saints to ‘follow the prophet’ on medical cannabis vote (PDF here) – Salt Lake Tribune

12/03/18 – Utah State Legislature votes to replace Proposition 2, the medical cannabis ballot initiative (PDF here) – Fox13

12/03/18 – Utah Lawmakers Approve Medical Pot Changes, Despite Concerns (PDF here) – U.S.News

12/02/18 – Medical marijuana special session: How did Utah get here? (PDF here) – Deseret News

12/02/18 – Letter: When voters speak, House Speaker Greg Hughes should listen (PDF here) – Salt Lake Tribune

12/01/18 – Utah Voters Approved Medical Marijuana, Now State Lawmakers Want A Rewrite (PDF here) – NPR

11/27/18 – Advocates worry legislators will ‘drastically’ change Prop 2, blame LDS Church influence (PDF here) – KUTV

11/27/18 – During 5-hour meeting, speakers push to keep Prop 2, while Hughes argues cannabis bill won’t nullify initiative vote (PDF here) – Salt Lake Tribune

11/24/18 – After a third revision, lawmakers say no more changes expected to medical marijuana bill ahead of special session (PDF here) – Salt Lake Tribune

11/17/18 – Utah Senate president warns lawmakers he’d be willing to use his power to compel them to vote on medical marijuana (PDF here) – Salt Lake Tribune

11/16/18 – George Pyle: Utah has its own brand of Orwellian Doublethink (PDF here) – Salt Lake Tribune

11/16/18 – Attorney: Utah medical cannabis compromise ‘undermines’ voters’ decision (PDF here) – Marijuana Business Daily

11/15/18 – Rocky Anderson threatens lawsuit over Prop. 2 compromise (PDF here) – KSL

11/15/18 – Rocky Anderson threatens lawsuit over Prop. 2 compromise (PDF here) – Deseret News

11/15/18 – Medical marijuana backers threaten to sue over LDS Church involvement in compromise bill to replace Prop 2 (PDF here) – Salt Lake Tribune

11/15/18 – Medical marijuana advocacy group threatens lawsuit over LDS Church involvement in Prop. 2 compromise (PDF here) – Fox 13

11/15/18 – Advocates accuse state of Utah, LDS Church of undermining Prop 2 with special session (PDF here) – KUTV

11/15/18 – Former mayor says ‘stop being so polite’ over LDS Church, legislature ties (PDF here) – KUTV

11/15/18 – ‘Rocky’ Anderson, Prop 2 groups fire warning shot against LDS Church, demand records of ‘domination and interference’ be frozen pending litigation (PDF here) – Gephardt Daily

06/20/18 – Letter: Utah should pass a law banning Mormons from using marijuana (PDF here) – Salt Lake Tribune

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