Art and City Government Under Rocky Anderson's Administration

Ross "Rocky" Anderson has always been an enthusiastic supporter of the arts. As a season subscriber to the Utah Symphony, Rocky has a great love of classical music. He has collected art since he completed law school 21 years ago and he enjoys the extensive dance and theatre resources offered in Salt Lake City. Rocky's love of Salt Lake City is due, in large part, to its great cultural offerings. As he puts it, "Salt Lake City has a unique combination of "big city" culture and quick access to remarkable outdoor recreation opportunities."

Following are some of Rocky's thoughts about art and Salt Lake City government:

  • Salt Lake City, and its leaders, should include art in every possible event.
  • All interested and involved persons and organizations should develop a list of top priorities and offer recommendations as to how they can be accomplished.
  • As Mayor, Rocky holds high-profile arts events, bringing to the attention of the public the wonderful art resources in our City.
  • Rocky is enthusiastic about incorporating art programs in city youth programs, including the after-school program he has implemented.
  • Street artists of all kinds should be welcomed as an important component of a more interesting, vibrant community. Rocky pushed for a new ordinance permitting street artists and performers to enliven our parks and business districts with their talents.
  • Rocky has supported the preservation of our art resources, such as Gilgal Garden, doing everything in his power to make certain such resources are saved for later generations.