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  • Frank Layden: Because of Mayor Rocky Anderson, Salt Lake City is the "Sweet Apple" -- a great place to live!

  • Keith S Christensen: "Doing things right" -- working together with the City Council.

  • Lee Martinez (Spanish): Rocky speaks for those us who haven't been represented in the past, and has a long term commitment to the underserved. Rocky habla por nosotros quienes no hansido representados anteriormente, y tiene un compromiso para nostrotros sin voz.

  • Joel La Salle: An avid advocate of environmental responsibility, Mayor Rocky Anderson receives the Environmental Protection Agency's Climate Protection Award, and enacts unprecedented environmental programs for our community.

  • Ted Wilson: From a past Salt Lake City Mayor to the present Mayor. Rocky Anderson handles tough problems with great wisdom and courage.

  • Tony Caputo: The "Deli-Guy" supports Mayor Rocky Anderson, hardworking advocate of Downtown businesses.

  • Josie Valdez: Solid Support. Apoyo Solido

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  • Mitt Romney: "In my view, Salt Lake City is a better place to live because of Rocky."

  • The Changing Faces of Salt Lake City: Thanks to Rocky, Salt Lake City is a more inclusive, more vibrant community.

  • Pedestrian Safety: It's now a lot safer to cross the street in Salt Lake City, the result of several new pedestrian safety initiatives.

  • Open Spaces: Preserving Salt Lake City's open spaces, for all to enjoy.

  • Clean Air: Rocky is a breath of fresh air for mass transit, open spaces, and cleaner air.

  • Making our City Safer: During Rocky's term as Mayor, crime has substantially decreased, making our communities a better place to live.