November 6, 2012

It’s hard being a third-party candidate in the United States. They’re largely ignored by the national media. They face uphill, often highly complex battles to get their names printed on the ballots. And they are shut out from the presidential debates between the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees unless polls find they have at least 15 per cent support.


October 27, 2012

In early October Justice Party Presidential Candidate Rocky Anderson invited supporters to his home for a fundraising social. This video recorded Rocky urging supporters to work against the duopoly of the dominate two party system – to overcome the monied interests by being active in the political system.


October 27, 2012

In October 2012 Rocky Anderson invited supporters to his home for a get together, fundraiser. This video recorded his call to action for supporters to keep the momentum of the Justice Party platform going.


October 25, 2012

Produced for the Free and Equal Elections Foundation


October 24 2012

Four alternative candidates to Mitt Romney and President Obama — Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Virgil Goode and Rocky Anderson — met in Chicago for a third party debate to discuss everything from halting the war on drugs to reducing military spending to curbing the influence of money in politics. Kwame Holman reports.


October 24 2012

On Tuesday night, RT was one of only a handful of media outlets to broadcast this year’s third-party presidential debate moderated by multi-award winning broadcast journalist Larry King. Before taking the stage, each candidate was interviewed by a panel that included RT’s Thom Hartmann and the event’s organizers.


October 24, 2012

RT aired the Presidential debate for the Third Party candidates live from Chicago , IL. The debate was moderated by Larry King and sponsored by the Free and Equal Elections Foundation. The debate featured four candidates: Gary Johnson pf the Libertarian Party, the Green Party’s Jill Stein, former Virginia governor congressman Virgil Goode of the Constitutional party and Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party.


October 23, 2012

Rocky Anderson, Justice Party candidate & former Mayor of Salt Lake City, calls out Democratic President Barack Obama & Republican candidate Governor Mitt Romney. Anderson accuses them of failing to curb financial corruption in the American political system during the 2012 Third Party Presidential Debate.


October 18, 2012

Larry King, the celebrated talk show host accustomed to A-list interview guests, has agreed to moderate a debate featuring a squad of minor-party presidential candidates. The former CNN giant will guide next Tuesday’s debate in Chicago, which will be broadcast on the Internet. The candidates taking part are the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson, the Green Party’s Jill Stein, the Constitution Party’s Virgil Goode and the Justice Party’s Rocky Anderson.


October 17, 2012

Democracy Now! Expanded 2nd President Debate 10/17 w/ Rocky Anderson, Jill Stein


October 17, 2012

Third-party presidential candidates Rocky Anderson, Virgil Goode, and Andre Barnett join HuffPost Live.


October 17, 2012

PROMO – This presidential election is not just about Obama and Romney. There are also third party presidential candidates and you have a unique opportunity to watch Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson, Green Party’s Jill Stein, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson debating live on RT-America.


October 12, 2012

Democracy Now! first broke the sound barrier during the presidential debate on Oct. 3 by pausing after answers offered by President Obama and Mitt Romney to get real-time responses from Jill Stein of the Green Party and Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party.


October 9, 2012

Expanding the Debate: Debate Coverage of First Presidential Debate with Rocky Anderson & Jill Stein.


October 5, 2012

US Presidential Candidate Rocky Anderson on RT International October 4, 2012, the day of the first presidential debate in Denver, CO.


October 4, 2012

Third-party presidential candidates Rocky Anderson, Virgil Goode, and Andre Barnett join HuffPost Live.


Sept 19, 2013

Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein are both hoping to win the White House this year, and believe their ideas — from ending foreign wars to bringing back civil liberties — are enough to make an impact with many voters this Election Day. Anderson and Stein join RT’s Sam Sacks and Meghan Lopez live from our studios as the polls prepare to close (from 11-6-2012).


Sept 6, 2013

Republicans say the Democrats are the party of big government, working to divide the US through class warfare. Critics on the left say that aside from a few social issues both the Democrats and the Republicans are barely distinguishable. So what exactly defines the Democrats? Guests: Gary Younge, Rocky Anderson, Michael Kazin.


August 30, 2012

Michael Shure of The Young Turks interviews third party candidate for President, and former mayor of Salt Lake City, Rocky Anderson. In the background a small number of protesters are swamped by a huge police presence.


August 29, 2012

DemocracyNow.org – Former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson is running for president with the newly formed Justice Party. Although hailing from a solidly red state, Anderson has been known as one of the most progressive mayors of any major U.S. city in recent years.


August 6, 2012

Rocky Anderson’s interview with Chris Vanocur (Aired August 5, 2012).


July 28, 2012

There is more evidence of the growing wealth gap in the US: A new report says that the number of people living in poverty could be at its highest level in nearly half a century. So how can the US government help its least fortunate?


July 19, 2012

Rocky Anderson, former mayor of Salt Lake City, is running for President as a 3rd party candidate. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks happens to agree with Anderson on most of the major issues. Cenk and Anderson discuss the issues and the failings of the establishment candidates in this interview.


July 3, 2012

You may not see Rocky Anderson campaigning for President door to door in Arkansas right now, but his volunteers are here trying to get enough signatures to put him on the ballot.
Anderson is a former two term mayor of Salt Lake City.


June 11, 2012

Discussion of our way forward in a broken political system From PRN’s A Better World.

May 30, 2012

Rocky Anderson supports Bradley Manning. Exposing war crimes is not a crime.


May 24, 2012

This video was recorded at a Peace and Freedom Party Candidates forum on April 22, 2012.


May 12, 2012

Interview with Rocky Anderson 2012 Justice Party Presidential Candidate.


May 5, 2012

Talk by Rocky Anderson, 2012 Justice Party Presidential Candidate given May 3, 2012 at University Temple United Methodist Church in Seattle, WA.


April 30, 2012

Rocky Anderson is the 2012 presidential candidate of the Justice Party, an independent party. This is an interview with Rocky on many topics of interest, including jobs, income disparity, healthcare, education, and more.


April 25, 2012

Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson speaks in Harrisburg, PA at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore.


April 25, 2012

Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson speaks in Harrisburg, PA at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore.


April 22, 2012

A Jeff 4 Justice Exclusive: The Alternative Party Presidential Debate hosted by Maggie Phair Institute.


April 18, 2012

FOX Coverage of Ralph Nader supporting the Oregon Progressive Party nominating Rocky Anderson for President.


April 10, 2012

Ralph Nader Introduces Rocky Anderson, the Oregon Progressive Party Nominee for President.

March 22, 2012

Presidential candidate Rocky Anderson makes strong push to take over 1st Place on the Americans Elect Platform.

February 13, 2012

The former mayor of Salt Lake City is leading the newly formed Justice Party in a bid to take the White House.


January 18, 2012

Originally aired 1/17/2012 on MSNBC.


January 13, 2012

Rocky accepting the nomination of the Justice Party for U.S. President at the Olpin Theater on the U of U campus.


December 28, 2011

As the media coverage of the presidential campaign intensifies, we ask if ’embedded’ journalists can do their job. Inside story US 2012, discusses with guests: Amy Goodman, Rocky Anderson and Eleanor Clift.


December 24, 2011

Interview Aired Dec 22, 2011 on Current TV’s The Young Turks.


December 19, 2011

Aired December 13, 2011. Rocky Anderson discusses the need for a new party to represent the public interest, the platform of the new Justice Party and his 2012 Presidential campaign with Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman.


December 15, 2011

Rocky Anderson — the first candidate to run for the newly formed Justice Party — lays out his take on the most controversial issues America is faced with. He offers solutions for action, rather than empty rhetoric.


December 15, 2011

There’s an ACTUAL third party candidate jumping in the race this week. And that’s Rocky Anderson – the former Mayor of Salt Lake City – who is now running for President on the Justice Party ticket. He joins me now to talk more about his candidacy and what the Justice Party is.


December 15, 2011

Rocky discusses his pledge to end corporate control of government, and replace it with governence in the interest of the public. Rocky Anderson is running in 2012 as a candidate for the Justice Party (aired Dec. 13, 2011).


December 12, 2011

Rocky Anderson discusses Justice Party political platform, corporate corruption, Obama’s record and a run for president in 2012 in a political climate waiting for action for the public.


December 12, 2011

Brief clip of upcoming Chris Vanocur interview and news spot outlining Rocky Anderson’s intention to run in 2012 for president as the first Justice Party candidate, a new party whose interest is in the public, rather than the corporate. From ABC4 news in SLC, Utah.


December 8, 2011

Rocky Anderson talks formation and platform of new United States political party — The Justice Party — and presidential run for office in 2012.


December 8, 2011

This is from C-Span’s airing of a panel discussion that took place in San Francisco where Rocky joined activists in discussing strategies for advancing the “Occupy Movement,” a series of citizen protests in U.S. cities over the influence of major bank interests and corporations in the political process. They also talked about the electoral process and the ability of the Obama administration and the Democratic Party to address the issues important to the movement.

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