A Proven Environmental Leader


When is the last time you were able to support a presidential candidate who was named “Greenest Mayor” and One of the 15 Greenest Politicians in the World” — and who has had many years of extensive executive and management experience?

Rocky Anderson has it all – and, organizing together, we can proudly make him our president.


Do you like that better than supporting a President who repeatedly touts the virtues of “cleancoal” and wants to open up our coastal regions for wholesale offshore drilling?  (And that President is the “best” of the two dominant party options!)

Do you like that better than electing either the Democratic or Republican nominee, both of whom arecertain to perpetuate the failure of U.S. leadership on climate change?

Rocky Anderson isn’t at all like the other candidates. Instead of spending his life so faramassing large sums of money or in academia, he has a solid record of working successfully on the most important issues facing our communities and our nation.  And he has far more extensive executive and management experience than many presidents ever had before their elections – including, of course, President Obama.

Organized together, the people of this nation can say “No More” to the disasters brought to us by the Republican and Democratic Parties and their candidates, who have prospered from the corrupt system that has repeatedly undermined the public interest.  We can choose another way – with a candidate who walks the talk. 

070214_anderson_hmed_1p.grid-6x2.jpgRocky Anderson is the only candidate who has won the EPA’s Climate Protection Award, the World Leadership Award (for climate protection programs), the Sierra Club’s Distinguished Service Award, and the Respect the Earth Planet Defender Award.  Rocky was named by Business Week as one of the top twenty activists in the world on climate change and served on the Newsweek Global Environmental Leadership Advisory Committee.

Anderson is the only US mayor who has presented in conjunction with the United Nations Climate Change Conferences in New Delhi, Buenos Aires, and Bali.  He consulted in London with the assistants to heads of state in preparation for the 2005 G8 Conference, at which climate change was one of only two major agenda items.  A founder and co-host of “Sundance Summit: A Mayors’ Gathering on Climate Protection,” Anderson has also presented at numerous conferences throughout the US, as well as in Australia, Canada, China, and Sweden. 

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