Action Item: Protect the Clean Air Act

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Originally posted on February 1, 2011

Take Action: What you can do today!
Contact your Representative:
Demand protection of Clean Air Act
February 1, 2011

About the bill
Introduced January 5, 2011, the “Free Industry Act” would amend the Clean Air Act to exclude greenhouse gases from being subject to the Act. This amendment would strip the EPA of its power to regulate greenhouse gases, which would be a huge set-back for addressing the climate crisis.

Immediate steps to take: 
Ask your Representative to oppose the Free Industry Act!

1. If you don’t already know your 9-digit zip code, find it on the USPS Website.

2. Locate your Representative’s contact info here. Use the web form to email your Representative or use the contact info to call him/her.

3. Demand that he/she oppose the “Free Industry Act,” which would keep the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases.

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